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411 Senior Centre Writing & Storytelling Workshop 2022



Everyone has life experiences that hold lessons for all.  411 Seniors Centre is excited about capturing these experiences with Deb Williams who will share ideas of how to draw stories from experiences while building writing and storytelling skills. Participants will contribute some of their pieces to a book about aging that Jane Belanger is assembling. 



411 generously supports this unique and dynamic program by hiring Deb Williams, a well-known, experienced master teacher.  She is an award-winning playwright, actor, producer, and teacher of teachers.  She brings a wealth of experience working with groups of various backgrounds in writing and storytelling.


Over the first 6 sessions, Deb will teach techniques and skills to use to shape vast and unique experiences into stories. The last 3 sessions focus on stories related to participants' individual lives as urban Seniors.



The program's goals are:  1) is to help you develop your writing and storytelling skills.  2) is to harvest your experiences and compile them into a book that will provide an overview of the lives of Urban Seniors and highlight the valuable wisdom we have to contribute to the greater society.  Of course, submitting your pieces is voluntary, but there is hope you will use this book as a platform to share your stories. 



There will be 9 sessions divided into 2 levels.  


Level 1:  6 sessions focused on building your writing and storytelling skills.  

Dates Mondays: 10:30-12:00:  Level 1 January 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st,  February 7th, and 14th.


Level 2:  3 sessions focused on specific aspects of your lives as seniors. 

Dates Level 2 February 28th, March 7th and 14th.


Attendance must be consistent. We do understand that life happens, and you may have to miss an occasional class


This Writing Program class is now full. If you have questions or comments, please contact Jane Belanger at 604 733-2640 or

The Workshop

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