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Vancouver International Children’s Festival: One of a Kind

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The world is a spectacular kaleidoscope of people with fascinating stories as unique as every one of us. One of a Kind is created around the true stories performed by the people who lived them; a talented, diverse group of extraordinary emerging theatre artists. 

The storytellers share their one-of-a-kind childhood tales filled with truth, cultural perspective, family languages, challenge, laughter and adventure.  Using physical theatre, puppetry, music, movement and more, they offer an extraordinary exploration of the universal expression of storytelling. Children will recognize themselves and be inspired to share their own stories. Watch the video below.

Commissioned by the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.


Wednesday, May 31st

Thursday, June 1st

Friday, June 2nd

Saturday, June 3rd

Sunday, June 4th


The Family Flame is the first all-ages edition of Vancouver’s hugely successful monthly storytelling event The Flame led by incredible storyteller Deborah Williams. At The Flame, stories must be true, they must be about you, and they must be told in a few (ten minutes or less). Though this project has popped up all over the Lower Mainland and beyond, this partnership with CTYP will bring storytelling joy to families and encourage cross-generational knowledge sharing.

After having spent two years unable to engage in person with our devoted communities, The Family Flame becomes a necessary hub for families of all kinds (biological and chosen) to be together.

No registration is required – swing by and join us for a day of fun for the whole family!

Lobby Doors open at 12PM after our BABY RAVE earlier that morning – head over to our CLUB CAROUSEL page to learn more!

Date & Time 

February 20th at 1 pm


Waterfront Theatre

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