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The Ciranda Project Storytelling Workshop


The Ciranda Project (a Brazilian volunteer-based organization) is coordinating its second Storytelling Workshop in partnership with the City of VictoriaGVPLHere MagazineThe Flame (Deborah Williams), and the Belfry Theatre.

The workshop consists of 6 weekly two-hour-long online sessions (on Wednesdays) for 20 participants. It will use ‘The Flame’ method (led by Deborah Williams) to create community-focused stories (e.g. true lived transformational stories that happened in the Greater Victoria area) to be shared publicly at the Belfry stage for the community, followed by a gathering at the Belfry’s lobby so the community has a friendly space to gather and talk. We expect that 5 out of 20 stories will be stage-ready for public performance. Deborah, as the Artistic Producer of The Flame, will select the stories for performance. One experienced storyteller will also be invited by Deborah for the “closing” performance.


August 10 - September 14

Public Performance

Monday, September 19 - 7pm