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About Deb Williams

Storyteller​, Creator, Director, Teacher, Actor, Director, Playwright, Comedian.

About Deb Williams

Storyteller​, Creator,  Teacher, Actor, Director, Playwright, Comedian on the stolen land of the Coast Salish People.  

Deb Williams is an award-winning actor, playwright, producer, and comedienne who has worked across Canada and the world for 35 years. Deb is one of the co-creator/stars of the 5 Mom’s the Word plays, enjoyed by nearly 2 million people in 19 countries and 14 languages. Deb is a co-founder and the Artistic Producer of The Flame, Vancouver’s premiere storytelling event, starting its 15th season. Besides,  Deb premiered her one-person show, Taking Off, at the Belfry Theatre in 2016. She has been an Associate Artist at the Belfry Theatre for the past decade.  Deb Graduated from Studio 58 and is a community organizer and builder, creating art, festivals and celebrations wherever she lives. She is the mother of 2 grown children.

For over a decade, Deb has been a personal storytelling teacher, coach, facilitator and consultant, supporting nearly 1000 tellers of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, cultural identities, and mental and physical abilities as they find their voice and share entertaining and meaningful stories from their fascinating lives. 


Deb’s students also teach her Flame methodology to classes, from seniors to school children, in multiple languages.  


Deb has taught with and for the UBC Mandarin Face Drama Club, Theatre as a Second Language, Art Spring on Salts Spring Island, Nanimo’s Port Theatre and Bethlehem Centre, Belfry Theatre, Victoria Public Library, HERE Magazine, The Ryga Festival, Surrey Civic Theatres, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Metro Vancouver, ZeeZee Theatre, Chutzpah! Festival, Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization (CIPO National), TaiwanFest, Vancouver International Children’s Festival, SFU, Studio 58, Surrey Fringe Drama Festival, Good Will Shakespeare Festival, University of Victoria MBA program and more.

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