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Storyteller Deborah Williams just wants people to know they aren't alone

Deborah Williams developed her love of storytelling at an early age. It helps when your father—and grandfather too—are big on bedtime stories.

"My dad's stories were always sort of a big adventure," recalls Williams on the phone from her home near Main and 33rd. "He actually grew up on MacDonald Street in Vancouver, so now I can see all these places that he talked about. He and his best friend made their own canoe out of birch bark, and paddled through Pitt Lake and Pitt River and then all the way home down the Fraser River, and carried it up through the marshes.

"So I always felt like you had to live exciting things to have exciting stories," she adds. "And a lot of the best stories come from misadventure when things get outta hand, and they're not under your control. I think that's what people mostly want to hear, is challenges. We all want to know that everybody is struggling along as much as the next person."

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