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THE FLAME Story Workshops:
Your Story Your Voice

The Flame: Your Story Your Voice is about the art of Personal storytelling.  “Stories that are true, about you, told in a few.—10  minutes or less.”  

The Flame Storytelling Workshops are available for hobby, professional or corporate interests.  Workshops range from 2 hours to 2-days to weekend workshops.  Weekly classes and 1 on 1 creative coaching are also available, to support your MA, Ph.D., or for secondary school students.  Workshops are available In English, Mandarin, Farsi, Portuguese or translated into other languages.  


Work with Deb Williams, the always entertaining writer, performer, producer and co-creator of The Flame (Victoria’s premiere storytelling event), and the worldwide hit “Mom’s The Word” (seen by 1.4 million people). Deb will share her 30 years of expertise in an inclusive and compelling atmosphere, focused on learning and growth. Your Story. Your Voice:   In this talk Deb will share her 30 years of storytelling expertise to give you the tools to create and share a truly compelling story. This inclusive and supportive workshop is focused on learning and growth.

For over a decade Deb has been a personal storytelling teacher, coach, facilitator and consultant, supporting nearly 1000 tellers of all ages, genders, sexual orientation, cultural identities, mental and physical abilities, as they find their voice and share entertaining and meaningful stories from their fascinating lives.


Deb has taught with and for the UBC Mandarin Face Drama Club, Theatre as a Second Language, Belfry Theatre, Victoria Public Library, HERE Magazine, The Ryga Festival, Surrey Civic Theatres, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Metro Vancouver, ZeeZee Theatre, Chutzpah! Festival, Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization (CIPO National), TaiwanFest, Vancouver International Children’s Festival, SFU, Studio 58, Surrey Fringe Drama Festival, Good Will Shakespeare Festival, University of Victoria MBA program.  

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