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One of a Kind 

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Dates & Times:

June 2, 12:30 - 1:20 pm

June 3, 12:30 - 1:20 pm

June 4, 3:30 - 4:20 pm

June 5, 3:30 - 4:20 pm

The world is a spectacular kaleidoscope of people with fascinating stories as unique as every one of us. One of a Kind is created around the true stories performed by the people who lived them; a talented, diverse group of extraordinary emerging theatre artists. The storytellers share their one-of-a-kind childhood tales filled with truth, cultural perspective, family languages, challenge, laughter and adventure.  Using physical theatre, puppetry, music, movement and more, they offer an extraordinary exploration of the universal expression of storytelling. Children will recognize themselves and be inspired to share their own stories.


Commissioned by the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.


Back Left: Adamina Carden, Silken Lawson, Filip Fufezan 

Centre: Katherine Matlashewski, Miriam Dumitra, Sewit Haile 

Front: Jack Bumbala, Sarah Kelen 


One of a Kind: The Film 

Unique! Exceptional! One-of-a-Kind! FILM THEATRE HYBRID. There really is no one quite like you! The world is a marvelous kaleidoscope of people with stories that are as unique as each and every one of us. One of a Kind is a series of stories performed by a talented, diverse group of extraordinary emerging storytellers. Each performer shares a one-of-a-kind tale from their childhood, filled with truths, cultural perspectives, challenges, laughs and adventures all accompanied by physical theatre, music and movement. Some performers even share parts of their story in their family’s language. A fun and captivating way to explore the universal expression of storytelling, kids will recognize themselves in these stories and be inspired to share their own. Commissioned by the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. 


Top Left to Bottom Right: Yanting Qiu, Ni An, Bruce Kennedy, Jaylon Han, Emerenne Saefkow, Noah Kaulbach, Hannah Pearson, Deb Williams, Sarvin Esmaeili & Mariana Munoz



One of a Kind Too 

One of a Kind 2019 included music, dance, puppetry and true stories lived, created and told by Hannah Pearson, Sarvin Esmaili, Angela Chu, Sophia Saugstad, Ella Storey, Liam Stewart-Kanigan and Jimmy Hong.  

Top Left to Bottom Right: Sarvin Esmaeili, Deb Williams, Angela Chu, Sophia Saugstad, Ella Storey, Liam Stewart-Kanigan, Jimmy Hong & Hannah Pearson.


One of a Kind

One of a Kind played for a 10 show run at the Vancouver International Children's Festival with music, dance and true stories lived, created and told by Sarvin Esmaeili, Charlie Cook, Jaylon Han, Emily Kelsall, Chantal Gering, Sara de Waal. 


Left to Right: Deb Williams, Emily Kelsall, Sara de Waal, Chantal Gering, Sarvin Esmaeili, & Charlie Cook. Missing, Jaylon Han


"Working with Deb in One of a Kind was an inspiring, creative, and rewarding experience. Me and my cast mates were able to develop our writing skills, learn a new and wonderful form of theatre, and work together as a group to create something from the ground up. I learnt so much from this process and Deb’s absolute expertise on the story writing format. It gave me a solid understanding of devised theatre and provided me with many useful tools that I can use and incorporate into my future projects. Every day working with Deb I learnt something new. I was shocked at how far my classmates and I grew in only three weeks and the show we created was something we were all proud of. One of a Kind gave me a chance to write in a supportive and inspiring environment, learn new skills for blocking and movement creation, crack open the emotional depth of my own stories, and work with a fun and hilarious team of artists. For this reason, I would recommend all young and emerging artists to participate in this program."

Sophia Saugstand

Theatre Student Studio 58


"Hey Deb! I finally could set aside the time this afternoon  for the class to enjoy One of a Kind. AMAZING. As to be expected of course. I loved how different every story was, both in its content and expression, as well as the creative elements used to bring them even more alive. From puppets to sound effects to drawings and crocheted creations, it was just buzzing with warmth and imagination and childhood wonder. What a privilege to be the audience of such a stunning work. I think the moose story was my favourite because I just loved the way the drawings interacted and were full of surprises, like the eyes being pulled from one side to the other or the heart being turned into a little mini book with turning pages. So brilliant. Even in my end of the year exhaustion im reminded of the joy and power of stories and want to keep at it. You are doing vital work, Deb. So glad we can witness it."

From Sara de Waal, 

Elemetary School Teacher

"The One of a Kind program is a wonderfully educational and welcoming experience for any emerging theatre artist. One of a Kind has not only taught me about how to write my own engaging and captivating stories for the stage, but how to engage in the expanding and development of other people's storytelling in a fun and positive way. Furthermore, this program showed me that every single person has a rich and deeply fascinating life, that when told in the right way, can make anyone from any corner of the world laugh or cry or sometimes both at the same time.  As a freshly graduated production student, One of a Kind was exactly the experience I needed coming out of school to remind me of the immense possibility of theatre and the joy and kindness of those who create it!"

Emerenne Saefkow 



"Just to add my thanks to the feedback: I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work with everyone in the One of a Kind group! Especially thank you for bringing us together and guiding us through the process. Everyone's amazing!"

Ann  Ni


"DEB! One of a Kind is a GIFT of a project for emerging artists and you are an incredible leader. We learn SO much from you every day and you support everyone so well in bringing their full selves and all of their creativity to the work. I see how much everyone adores you and your guidance in every rehearsal. The show is going to be beautiful and WE ARE ALL SO LUCKY TO LEARN FROM YOU!!! Just wanted to say that in case it wasn't absolutely clear. "

Hannah Pearson 


One of a Kind 

An annual storytelling show created for, with and by the Vancouver International Children's Festival 

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