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Flamester Richard Kelly Kemick's CBC Documentary.

Richard Kelly Kemick is one of the Flame Storytellers that people have sharp memories of so this past week, I was excited to hear another first person documentary on The Doc Project. Listen and read and enjoy.

"This First Person column is the experience of author Richard Kelly Kemick. For more information about CBC's First Person stories, please see the FAQ.

Halloween is a night that glows with possibility. Much is made about the transformative opportunities of holidays such as New Year's or Valentine's Day, with their insipid resolutions and Hallmark promises. But none of them possess the singular opportunity that Halloween affords, where a metamorphosis is not only encouraged, but written into the rules. You can become the stuff of your dreams — or nightmares.

For Grade 10, I had enrolled at Central Memorial, a fine arts high school 90 minutes beyond the borderlands of my suburban Calgary postal code. The anonymity of a fresh start is an occasion not to be squandered." CBC Website

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